Your personal data remains confidential. It will not be marketed or given to third parties for any reason without your express permission.

It will be used only from our website to keep you informed about our news.

Processing of personal data:
The information we collect comes from the voluntary registration of your email address and from receipt of your emails.
The information that you communicate us is never shared on the website.
You are free, at any time, to unsubscribe from our lists by clicking on the words "unsubscribe" on each mail that you  receive.


Cookie and Privacy Policy:
Cookies are text files, often encrypted, stored in your browser. They are created when the browser of a user loads a given website: the site sends information to the browser, which creates a text file. Each time the user returns to the same site, the browser retrieves this file and sends it to the server of the Site.
You can control and / or delete cookies whenever you want.
The user of the site is informed that during his visits to it, a cookie can be automatically installed and be temporarily stored in memory or on his hard disk.
A cookie is an element that does not identify the user but simply record information about browsing the site.
The use of cookies, own or third parties, not necessary to the functioning of the website, requires an express consent from you.
You may express your consent or oppose the use of cookies by setting up your connection device appropriately:
          - by activating or deactivating cookies completely;
          - by deleting specific cookies, which have already been registered in the browser;
          - by preventing certain websites from saving cookies on your computer;
          - by blocking third-party cookies (when while browsing a site, cookies are stored on your computer by another site).
 You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer and you can configure most browsers to prevent their storage.
Note that for the management of cookies, the configuration of each browser is different. For this, refer to the user guide of your browser.

Right of access, modification and removal:
In application of the Computer law and Freedom dated January 6th, 1978, (modified by the law 2004-801 of August 6th, 2004) you also have a right of access, rectification and removal of data that you are concerning. You can exercise this right by sending an email using our contact form.

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